I first started making music with a friend of mine, Scott, at around the age of 13-14. We were very much into the hip hop scene. I was a rapper, he was a dj and an exceptional one. We had both been onto electro, the original electro.

We made several demos, but never really got anywhere until we entered competitions on G.L.R. (GREATER LONDON RADIO) where the presenter provided a topic and you had 20 minutes to make up a rap and then call it in over the phone. We won this 3 times and each time we attended the station and recorded a track using their equipment and this would be played on the following weeks show.

Scott came second in a DJ competition at around the same time.

Soon after we released a 12″ on an independent label with a euro dance group, where Scott did a trance remix and i provided vocals. (1992)

This was around the time that we discovered hardcore. Scott dabbled with this although i hadn’t attempted any production at this point.

Then discovered techno and thought it was essentially just a continuation from where electro had left off.

I was heavily into the sounds of acid and the more banging side of electro, but found a real love for the basic channel label. There was nothing else like it out there at the time.

I remained listening to the techno scene through what i consider to be the golden years 1993 – 1995. The music kind of dried up for me after that. I listened to the occasional track but stayed away really as real life took over.

In 2007 Scott persuaded me to get some software for music making as i was getting the bug again.

I began creating techno and created a MYSPACE page, where i had some interest and eventually signed a few tracks and here we are now.

My list of inspiration is probably unending, but a few of the main ones are, Basic channel, Luke slater, Thomas Koner, Gas, jeff mills, F.S.O.L., Damon wild, Reload (Mark Pritchard, Tom Middleton), there are hundreds more………

I hope to continue making music and find it very satisfying when i hear that the music i have made reaches someone like yourself in the way that it reaches me.